President’s Message

Being newly elected President of FLAME (Females Leading for Awareness, Momentum and Equity), I am thankful for the trust the Executive Board has shown on me. The role of female development organizations is becoming more and more important and this becomes even more demanding when we talk about countries like Pakistan. Development in Pakistan remains impossible unless women achieve equal footing with men in the development process. Labor and physical exploitation of young girls are widespread. Gender-based violence is often reported in domestic as well as public arenas and is largely attributed to derogatory attitudes towards women. Gender discrimination in access to healthcare, education, ownership of assets, and socio-economic mobility are profound; even a girl child is aborted in mother’s womb, burning alive, acid attacks and rape case are increasing. We believe that serving humanity is the noblest of all the causes humans have on earth. The breadth of social work makes it an ideal profession for women and men who wish to work with people and who seek variety in what they do. This is a field where you can work with all ages and in many different settings: hospitals, schools, shelters, mental health agencies, public housing, and private practice as a psychotherapist or human services consultant and trainer, among many other career paths. Therefore, a social worker can provide positive support in time of need, but special steps need to be taken to ensure that their involvement yields positive results. Being Head of the organization, it will be my pleasure and privilege to facilitate and support the work. It has been a rewarding journey where extraordinary results have been achieved with limited means; it has been an example of dedication and creativity at its best. On behalf of FLAME, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our well-wishers who guided us for improving our services for humanity. I am also thankful to FLAME Team for their dedication and hard work, our development committees for their cooperation in the field and volunteers serving with us; the role of all these made possible to achieve our objectives. We will continue our efforts for community betterment with fresh spirit and enthusiasm.

Arooj Maria President FLAME