Females Leading for Awareness, Momentum and Equity (FLAME), formally known as FLAME Foundation Pakistan is a female nongovernmental, non-profit organization located and registered in Faisalabad. Having a vast experience of working with various international donors since its inception in the year 2000 and bearing in mind the issues faced by females in Pakistan, FLAME Executive Board has unanimously decided for modification in organisational structure from male-headed organisation to female-managed organisation as well as 5/2 female/male ratio in Board with effect from 01 September 2017. Development in Pakistan remains impossible unless women achieve equal footing with men in the development process. Labor and physical exploitation of young girls are widespread. Gender-based violence is often reported in domestic as well as public areas and is largely attributed to derogatory attitudes towards women.Gender discrimination in access to healthcare, education, ownership of assets, and socio-economic mobility are profound; even a girl child is aborted in mother’s womb, burning alive, acid attacks and rape case are increasing. Considering such terrible realities linked with females in Pakistan, FLAME revised all its policies, procedures, objectives and management structure to strive for women uplift with following priorities:

  • Women and Children Rights;
  • Biodiversity, Livelihood, and Agriculture;
  • Health, Nutrition and Hygiene Development;
  • Emergency and Disaster Relief.

The guiding philosophy and experience of FLAME is based on the realism that every human being is a unique individual and that we all have a right to basic needs and live peacefully with dignity. We believe that God made all people equal; we are committed to a development process that promotes equity. We believe in God to protect the dignity of every human to exploit the Earthy goods in accordance with God’s Law and individual order.We hold a transparent financial system and all the accounts are audited by a charted accountant firm yearly. We are dedicated to imparting knowledge, skills, and awareness amongst the poorest strata of the society with emphasis on women and children.