All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual - Albert Einstein

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FLAME is located and registered in Faisalabad city, with its Regional Offices in Karachi, Chak Jhumra and Abbottabad—KPK (formerly NWFP). It is a non-profit and non-political Christian development organization and was set up in the mid of year 2000 to concentrate on the betterment and development of the marginalized communities with a vision to generate a society with equal citizenship. Millions of people are illiterate, unaware of their rights and have lack of access to basic health and education facilities. Based on these rationales, FLAME was formed to generate innovative strategies at grassroots level for better health, education and livelihood of the suffering communities.

Realizing the significance of community participation in development work, FLAME involves the target poor communities directly in the development stages, right from the start. For this purpose, FLAME establishes the Local Development Committees (LDCs) that oversee the development Appeals launched in their respective areas. This committee is guided and mobilized by the social organizers (animators) of FLAME who regularly visit both LDC as well as other community members to keep them active. In this way target group of community is led toward self-dependence. Besides this, FLAME arranges training programs related to the projects being run in the certain area.

In response to the havoc caused by floods, FLAME is working throughout Pakistan and AJK. We urge all to contribute generously for these suffering communities, we are already thankful to all who have helped Pakistani community in the hour of need.

For further details about this issue, see our Flood 2011 Section. Or write to us:


Please send your donations in the following bank account to enable us continuing our services for humanity. At present we are seeking funds for the rehabilitation of Flood 2010 survivors.

A/C Title : FLAME
Standard Chartered Bank
A/C No.18-6314724-01
Railway Road, Faisalabad

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News Updates

• FLAME served the flood affected community of District Nawabshah by providing Food items, non food items and free medical facilities through the kind cooperation of KinderMissionsWerk, Germany.



• FLAME going to start organic farming project with small farmers in Faisalabad with the cooperation of Caritas International, Belgium.



• FLAME is serving the flood affected community of Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajan Pur through the kind cooperation of Caritas Italiana, Italy.




• FLAME expanding it services for Humanity in Nepal.



• Children, Women, Farmer Rights activities in Nepal.







FLAME is providing basic skills like sewing, embroidery and beautician to women in Faisalabad.







FLAME is providing quality education through St. Paul’s School Jhumra with excellent results.






Organization Mendate


An empowered and just society free of poverty, injustice and discrimination where all have access to basic human rights and live with pride.


Work with poor,deprived and opppressed sectors of the sciety to eliminate their sufferings through community based sustainable projects and pgrorams.


To contribute to a significant decline in poverty and integrated development of communities through empowering and

mobilizing communities.